Portland: Liberal present, racist roots

Recent train attack points to white supremacist past, calling some to question the city's progressive credentials #Portland, Oregon, is a bastion of #Liberal politics and progressiveworldviews, tolerance resting at the center of the city's moral code. Many Americans were shocked, then, when Jeremy Christian stabbed and killed two men on a Portland-area train on May 27. Their offense? Intervening as Christian spewed … Continue reading Portland: Liberal present, racist roots


Genital mutilation: A case of religious freedom?

Lawyers to use religious defense in Detroit female genital mutilation case Where does Religious Freedom end and ritual abuse begin? A case in Detroit might soon decide where federal law draws the line. According to the Detroit Free Press, defense lawyers plan to argue that religious liberty protects the practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in a case that has … Continue reading Genital mutilation: A case of religious freedom?