Influencer engagement done right

Lessons Learned from the Ford Fiesta Movement Campaign (Note: This blog post originally appeared on LinkedIn in 2016) By Will Martin @wmartin89 In researching examples of blogger outreach, I recently came across Ford’s effort to spread the word among young consumers about the Fiesta, a sporty, affordable model that could appeal to fiscally challenged millennials. A Detroit … Continue reading Influencer engagement done right


Who doesn’t love a good story?

Corporate communications and the power of storytelling (Note: This blog post originally appeared on LinkedIn in 2016). By Will Martin @wmartin89 Storytelling. It’s not just for consumers, anymore. Storytelling is emerging as the foundation of professional communication. In order for people to buy our product, they first need to believe in our story. People want to … Continue reading Who doesn’t love a good story?

Growing the Guard

A Campaign from the Defense Policy Front Lines (Note: This post originally appeared on the Johns Hopkins University Communication Career Blog in 2014). By Will Martin @wmartin89 In early 2011, Operation Iraq Freedom became Operation New Dawn, marking the close of U.S. combat operations in Iraq. Later that year, President Obama began speaking less about “surge” and … Continue reading Growing the Guard