Gender pay gap: Myth or simply misunderstood?

The Gender Pay Gap is among America’s most hotly disputed issues. And recent reports from sources as diverse as the New York Times and Harvard have only intensified the debate. Research studies, one due to be published this month and recently published by the National Bureau of Economic Research indicate that gender inequality and a pay gap exist in the U.S. and this is indisputable.

Even iconic organizations such as Google and the “Star Wars” franchise have fallen under recent scrutiny for their alleged gender inequality practices. And while the figures differ, economists generally agree that American #women make about 80 cents for every dollar men earn.
The real debate surrounding the gender pay gap centers on its causes. Prominent figures such as former President Barack Obama and seemingly countless celebrities have pointed to discrimination as the root cause of the gender pay gap.

But an increasing number of journalists and academics argue the causes are more complex. While discrimination remains a factor, they maintain, it would be naive to fault gender bias alone.

Read the full story on Blasting News.

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